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One thing I don't get.

2009-07-20 18:16:25 by Mat-The-speedstar

Why the hell do other people post hurtful, offensive, or illegal stuff on the net anyway? It's just plain wrong and makes them a sad excuse of being a human. I ask you, the people of the world: Do you really want to make our cyberspace, and our planet one that only knows hatred, sadness, greed, and all other negative stuff that even I don't know about?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

One thing I don't get.

Art Portal?!

2009-06-19 13:38:11 by Mat-The-speedstar

That new section was a surprise for me, especially since art is basically my thing. So I'm going to bring over some of my artwork from DeviantART to put on here.

Anyways, I'm still working on the outfits for my upcoming Dawn dress-up game, which I guarantee, won't be deleted.

Trying out for a game

2009-04-20 19:41:05 by Mat-The-speedstar

I'm going through some Flash classes in school, so I'll get the skills needed to make some new movies, but for now, I'm gonna focus with creating a game this time.

Since that game with Dawn got deleted, I figured I'm gonna make my own so we'll have more of her on here. And this one will have more outfits, including her regular clothing, plus a few cosplay ones.

Or...... I could make a preview for a non-existing sequel to the SNES Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Well, I was making a sprite sheet of Amy Rose as a mermaid for RicStrife's Sonic THR33, but I doubt it's gonna be used, so I guess I'll use it for my own sprite Flash.

The image is for a reference for what the sprite will look like. (With a bad BG because I can`t color BGs well.)

Got nothing else to say...

Finally got a Flash on here!

2008-08-18 19:48:05 by Mat-The-speedstar

I didn't think It'd make it, but it did. Finally got a Flash on here. And what's even better is now there's traces of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch on NG. If you don't like Mermaid Melody, then screw you. That anime pwns!

Note: If you have problems with me, or just don't like me, don't comment and get the hell off my page. I will not tolerate any negative comments or bad vibes on here.

Sooner that I thought...

2008-08-03 20:02:16 by Mat-The-speedstar

Well, I found a Flash program, so all I need are a few sprite sheets and Photoshop. But if you know of another way to use sprite sheets to make movies, I'm all ears.

Oh yea, the hedgehog below is actually me. Yes, I am a hedgehog. If you have a problem with hedgehogs, then leave immediately.

Sooner that I thought...

A little about me

2008-07-18 05:13:13 by Mat-The-speedstar

Okay, so I don't know squat about making Flash movies or games. So the first time I post something, you'll all be either old geezers, or dead. (Which ever comes first.)

In addition to my rudeness, I'm also an unofficial storywriter, creating a tale of a boy and a mermaid princess. Go to my website(on left of page), and look for the Mat & Sparkle series. I'm usually there most of the time than I am here.

Until I learn to do spriting, this guy will just watch all the other videos. In the event that I am able to submit a video, it will be about my stories, maybe. And if you leave any hate or blood on here, I will terminate it instantly, so watch your mouths.

Forgot one thing. If someone posts a Flash of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, let me know ASAP! I love that anime!